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Anonymous asked: Yay im so happy youre doing requests ! :) can you please write a poem of a guy that loves a girl & theyve been together everyday for 6 months and he wont be with her officially because he says he doesnt wanna get hurt? He knows ive been with alot of guys in my past & he has a lot of anger issues but right after he yells at me and calls me names like a slut ..but then he realizes what he did & apologizes? He doesnt realize what pain hes putting me through.

um… I’m just gonna be a little harsh on this one… 

A poem won’t soothe the pain of your relationship.You’re obviously dating a douche, and I don’t understand why you’re putting up with it. If he’s calling you a slut or other names like that, it doesn’t matter if he apologizes afterwards. If your boyfriend punches you in the face and apologizes afterwards, does that make it right? No. Because abuse is abuse, whether it is verbally or physically. If your relationship is painful, you get out. No matter how hard that may seem at the moment, because in the end that is what will pay off. That is how you find happiness. If he is toxic, you simply exclude him from your life. 

Please, just take a moment to think this through. I’m not gonna try and push you to break it off with him, whatever it is you two have going on, because only you know how you truly feel and what is right for you, but I refuse to make a poem to romanticize a hurting relationship that in my eyes shouldn’t be happening at all.

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to tell you that you're amazing, just in case someone hasn't reminded you of that today

Thank you. And you’re amazing for sending me this message, just when I needed it the most. x

Anonymous asked: So recently I've fallen out with my best friend who constantly puts me down and tries to change my principals to match his. He never has time for me but is always hanging around anyone else and only calls me when things aren't going well in his life. We fell out because I brought all this up to light. Am I just being oversensitive?

Oh my god, forget about that douche bag. I’ve been in similar situations before and the absolute best thing you can do is to forget about them. They are nothing but toxic to your life and you’ll find yourself feeling much better off and it’s literally like a burden is being lifted off your shoulders. Trust me! Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, support you and encourage you, who makes you laugh and smile and who always has your best interest in mind. That's what you need in your life. That's what we all need. That's how you find happiness!

Anonymous asked: do you mind if i used your poem 'the wound'? You see i'm writing a story and your poem fits the characters' situation so well.

Sure, as long as you credit me for it :)

Anonymous asked: Could you write a poem about a friendship becoming a relationship? I just started dating my best friend of five years.

I don’t do requests anymore but you may find something in some of these tags






Anonymous asked: Do you have any poems that explain how perfect you think someone is?

I’m not sure but there should be something similar within these tags



Anonymous asked: Tell us more about yourself?

I don’t know what to tell you tbh… if you just ask me specific questions I’ll be more than happy to answer you though :)

Anonymous asked: I also like writing poetry & what's your favorite type of poetry? Do you like haikus?

I don’t really like to read poetry that much but I guess all kinds are good if they’re written in a way that makes you feel something

Anonymous asked: Can you write a poem based on those life story email story be it good or bad? Are you planning to do that or you have another place on here for poetry request?

No, sorry. I don’t do requests anymore.

Anonymous asked: You write poems or you just reblog poems?

I only write, never reblog unless it’s from myself.

Anonymous asked: I really want to send you one of my poems

please do!


The life story email thing is something I did last year where anyone who wanted to could email me their life story or the parts they wish to share, good or bad, to vent and get a release because we often forget to speak the words needed to let go of our pasts and move on to the future. 

I still check my email so you’re all good to go if you want to be part of this… just email me at bettinegt@live.no :)

Anonymous asked: is it bad to have a boyfriend that doesn't call, text, or even talk/look at me when i walk by him in the hall?? please help me.

Break up ASAP that’s not a boyfriend, that’s a douchebag