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a message a day keeps the blogger ok

Tru dat

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Anonymous: you're a lovely person

Thank you :)

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Anonymous: you're super cute for posting that i hope you have a lovely day and you're beautiful btw!!

Aww thank you!

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To the ones reading this right now- you are beautiful, intelligent and extraordinary. I’m glad you’re here.

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Anonymous: How do you leave someone that you care deeply about...even if they're ignoring you? It's so hard...

You think of what you just ended that message with. They’re ignoring you! Obviously that’s not the love or affection you’re seeking or deserve. Think of how bad they’re treating you and distance yourself. Meet someone new. Hang out with friends. Have fun. Soon they’ll just be a memory. Good luck!

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Spending this gorgeous rainy day with good food, movies and family. Bliss.
"How wide I could smile" by me.
For the person requesting a poem about breaking inside but pretending to feel joy on the outside.

If you ever have a problem, explain it in a text posts, and by the time you’re done typing it out, you’ll realize how stupid it sounds and come to the conclusion it’s not really much of a problem after all :-)

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Why is it that it’s socially acceptable for girls with small boobs to wear open/revealing tops and not for girls with big boobs to do the exact same thing? I mean, boobs are boobs, you’re still showing off your chest area. Why is it that on small chested girls it’s considered classy and stylish but on big chested girls it’s considered slutty and tacky?

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The life story email thing is something I did last year where anyone who wanted to could email me their life story or the parts they wish to share, good or bad, to vent and get a release because we often forget to speak the words needed to let go of our pasts and move on to the future. 

I still check my email so you’re all good to go if you want to be part of this… just email me at bettinegt@live.no :)

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"Darling night" by bgt.
Selfie action in greece

White racist people be hating on the black while they go on vacation to get darker themselves

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"Once upon a time" by me.
For the wonderful person who requested a poem about a child not yet born and how it frightens the mother so young but hope that she will be good enough for her